Road to Freedom

by Grayson Hugh

Released 09/04/1992
MCA Records
Released 09/04/1992
MCA Records
For his second major label album, singer/songwriter Grayson Hugh added a tight, hard-rocking four piece band to compliment his soulful voice and virtuoso piano and Hammond B3 playing, creating a critically acclaimed soul/rock/country record.
Grayson Hugh's second major label album "Road To Freedom" received international critical acclaim.

Billboard Magazine called it one of 1992's top ten albums.

Chicago Tribune music critic Dan Kening gave it five stars, saying: "As impressive as Grayson Hugh's 1989 debut album "Blind To Reason" was, "Road To Freedom" represents a quantum leap beyond it. While Hugh's blue-eyed soul vocals and affinity for gospel-style Hammond organ remain, his music adds a welcome infusion of rock 'n roll punch. "Hideaway", "Forever Yours, Forever Mine" and "When She Comes Walking" bristle with radio-friendly hooks, while Hugh's Rod Stewart-meets-Sam-Cooke vocals on "I Can't Untie You From Me" and the ballad "Walking Through The Fire" are sublime."

Director Ridley Scott heard an advance pressing and requested the use of two of Hugh's songs for his film "Thelma & Louise".

Stone Phillips of The Today Show called the album "a soul/rock stew with a dash of blues and a pinch of country".

In recording "Road To Freedom" at the legendary Power Station in New York, Grayson and producer Bernard Edwards assembled a tight, four piece band to record this album, which also featured a dose of roots country elements, such as mandolin, dobro and baritone guitar.