* BACK TO THE SOUL (Swamp Yankee Records, 2015)

* AN AMERICAN RECORD (Swamp Yankee Records, 2010)

* ROAD TO FREEDOM (MCA Records, 1992)

* BLIND TO REASON (RCA Records 1988)

* GRAYSON HUGH (Nineteen Records, 1980)



* TRUE LOVE (1989, MGM, Director Nancy Savoca) - "How Bout Us" - duet with Betty Wright, song was also on "BLIND TO REASON" album (RCA 1988)

* THELMA & LOUISE (1991, MGM, Director Ridley Scott) - "I Can't Untie You From Me" - song was also on "ROAD TO FREEDOM" album (MCA 1992)

* FRIED GREEN TOMATOES (1991, Universal Studios, Director Jon Avnet) - "I'll Remember You" - song was also on "ROAD TO FREEDOM" album (MCA 1992)


* NIGHTLIFE (Jeff Golub/Avenue Blue, Mesa/Blue Moon Records, 1997) - Featured Vocalist on "Daylight"

* CAB CALLOWAY STANDS IN FOR THE MOON (Kip Hanrahan - Producer, American Clave, 1995)  - Vocal Soloist on "Beware: Don't Listen To This Song"

* HIDING OUT IN PLAIN SIGHT (Caroline Doctorow, Elba Records, 1993) - Piano and Vocals on "The Cheat With The Ace Of Hearts"

* CASHMERE DREAMS (Fernando Saunders, Grudge Records, 1989) - Keyboards and Vocals on "Stallion", keyboards on "I Keep On Walkin' (Thankful For Another Day)"

* SHE WAS ONLY A GROCER'S DAUGHTER (The Blow Monkeys, RCA 1987) - Vocals on "Some Kind Of Wonderful", "Rise Above", "Don't Give It Up", "Man At The End Of His Tether", "The Smile On Your Face (Sweet Murder)"

* "GET IT WHILE YOU CAN" (Norman Johnson, Pacific Coast Jazz Records 2012) - Contributed original song "Saudade", Featured Vocalist and Piano on "Saudade", Vocals on "Killer Jane", Piano on "Until You Come Back To Me"