(A love ballad about realizing that, during all that time you were looking everywhere for love, it was staring at you, hiding in plain sight. It was just the timing that was wrong; you were both with other people. But you were, in fact, already in love, you just didn't know it yet!)

(words & music by Grayson Hugh)

I remember

those long ago days

back when my life

was all in a haze

you called me up

from right down the street

said let’s get coffee

oh why, why don’t we meet?

I was with her

and I didn’t know what to do

but I was already in love with you


The time wasn’t right

we had to move on

I was stuck in a sad love

and I knew it was wrong

we’d see each other

all through the years

we’d meet at the edges

of our good times and our tears

there was something

between us that we knew

and I was already in love with you


Now when I look back

it all seems so clear

I took every step I needed

to get me to here

if I had known

what this journey would cost

I might just have stayed home

never knowing what I had lost

I would have missed out

on a miracle 

yes its true

I was already in love with you

I am so grateful

for all I’ve been through

cause I was already in love with you

© 2015 by Swamp Yankee Music/ASCAP