STUDIO ALBUMS (Available as CD, Digital and sometimes Vinyl Formats)
    •    Blind to Reason (RCA Records, 1988)
    •    Road to Freedom (MCA Records, 1992) 
    •    An American Record (Swamp Yankee Records, 2010) 
    •    Back to the Soul (Swamp Yankee Records, 2015)

STUDIO ALBUMS (Available in Digital Format Only)
    •    Grayson Hugh (Nineteen Records, 1980)   
    •    Off The Road (Swamp Yankee Records, 2020)
    •    North Carolina Beaches (Little Deer Records, 1995)
    •    On Great Blue Heron Creek (River Soul Records, 1994)
    •    Days Of Dreaming (River Soul Records, 1984)
    •    The Lost Newton Years (River Soul Records, 1999)
    •    Five Pieces For A Lockdown (A Collaboration with Dancer Laura Guy) (River Soul Records, 2020)
    •    The Invisible Daylight Brothers (Lost Mesa Records, 2009)
    •    Music For Imaginary Films (Big Fog Records, 2000)
    •    Grayson Hugh (Live @ The Ace Of Clubs, Nashville TN 10/2/89) (Crazy Eagle Bus Records, 1989)
    •    At The Far End Of This Island Earth (Swamp Yankee Records, 2021)
    •    Somewhere Inbetween: The Jersey Sessions 1996 (Swamp Yankee Records, 1998)
    •    Scores For Modern Dance (Swamp Yankee Records, 2009)

STUDIO SINGLES (Available in Vinyl or CD Only) 
    •   Tears Of Love (Side A)/Hard Life (Side B) (RCA Records, 1988)

    •   Talk It Over (Side A)/Empty As The Wind (Side B) (RCA Records, 1989)
    •   Bring It All Back (Side A)/Who Are You & How Are You (Live) (Side B) (RCA Records, 1989) 
    •   How Bout Us (Duet w/ Betty Wright) (Side A)/Finally Found A Friend (Side B) 
(RCA Records, 1990)
    •   I Can't Untie You From Me (MCA Records 1992) (CD Single)  

STUDIO SINGLES (Available in Digital Format Only)
    •   Stop Yer Tryin' (
Swamp Yankee Records, 2018
    •   Goodbye Train (Blue Highway Records, 2014)
    •   Give Me One Good Reason (Solo Version) (Swamp Yankee Records, 1990)
    •   Same, Same, Same (Swamp Yankee Records, 1993)

    •   River Of Love (Swamp Yankee Records, 1993)
    •   That's Cool (Live, Solo Tour 1988) (Swamp Yankee Records, 1988)
    •   Over The Wires (Swamp Yankee Records, 1988)
    •   Out Of Limbo (River Soul Records, 2019)

    •   Talk It Over (Girlfriend Beats Back) (Swamp Yankee Records, 1989)
    •   I'll See You On The Radio (Swamp Yankee Records, 2011)
    •   Looking For The Sun (Swamp Yankee Records, 1990)
    •   On A Carpathian Evening (River Soul Records, 2021) 
SOUNDTRACKS (Available in CD and Digital Formats)
   •    Thelma and Louise - Original Soundtrack (MCA Records, 1991) - "I Can't Untie You From Me" 
   •    Fried Green Tomatoes - Original Soundtrack (MCA Records, 1992) - "I'll Remember You" 
   •    True Love  - Original Soundtrack  (RCA Records, 1989) -   “How Bout Us” 

GUEST ARTIST (Available in CD and Digital Formats)
    •    Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon (Kip Hanrahan,
American Clave, 1995, Recorded in 1987)  (Vocals)
    •    Cashmere Dream (Fernando Saunders, Grudge Records, 1989) (Vocals, Piano, Keyboards)
    •    Nightlife  (Jeff Golub, Rhino Records, 1997)  (Vocals on "Daylight")

    •    Get It While You Can (Norman Johnson, Pacific Coast Jazz, 2013) (Piano, Vocals, Composer on "Saudade") 
    •    Crescent Moon Waning (Kip Hanrahan, American Clave, 2017) (Vocals, Composer on "Somewhere In The Deepest Blue, There’s A Woman Who Knows...")
    •    "Hiding Out In Plain Sight" (Caroline Doctorow, Elba Records, 1991) (Vocals, Piano on "The Cheat With The Ace Of Hearts")