From the recording Back To The Soul

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words & music by Grayson Hugh

The kind of silence
that we make
it goes so deep
it cannot break
when we get stuck
there by the fire
I'm paralyzed
with pure desire
your eyes they glow
with a flame that will not end
we're gone again
we're gone again

We try to speak
but we start kissin'
we're makin' up
for all the time we've been missin'
my knees are shakin'
my hands are hot
we just might never
ever leave this spot
we tried to say goodnight
now it's 3 am
we're gone again
we're gone again

This is the love
that we used to make
this is the dream
from which we cannot wake
and I don't want to
break this trance
I don't dare disturb
a moment of this dance
this is our beginning
the middle and the end
we're gone again
we're gone again

We've been here before
and we'll be back again
we're gone again
don't know
and I don't know when
we're gone again
gone again
oh Lord have mercy
we're gone again

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