1. Thank You Lord

From the recording Back To The Soul

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words & music by Grayson Hugh

I was living
in that house behind the hedge
just a mile from the ocean
I was dangling on the ledge
all direction down to nowhere
it was all of my accord
I was running out of money
and running out of all my hope
and heartbeats
Thank You Lord

I was dreaming of a life
I was trying to escape
from the streets of New York City
Carolina to the Cape
I was living above the barroom
it was all I could afford
I was running out of reasons
fading as the days turned into seasons
Thank You Lord

It was out of there You led me
my journey had begun
I needed every stumble,
drink and failure,
every one
and I never want to go back
to those days when I ignored
the gift of life You gave me
and from that dark and lonely place
You saved me
Thank You Lord
Oh Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord
Thank You Lord

© 2015 by River Soul/ASCAP