1. Lost Avenue

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words & music by Grayson Hugh

There was a time
when I knew what was true
where I was going
and what I what I would do
now I'm lost and lonely
bewildered and blue
tonight I'm going down to
Lost Avenue

Bright lights are shining
cars are gliding by
music is playing
there's stars in the sky
now I ain't staying
no I'm just passing through
passing the time down on Lost Avenue

You can have a mansion
and money to spare
plenty to eat
and never a care
but sooner or later
you're gonna lose your way too
and find yourself on Lost Avenue

Come on baby
let me take you to
a place I know
where nobody knows you
where you can hide out
and hang out too
as you watch the black fade to blue
on Lost Avenue
Lost Avenue

There ain't no address
it ain't on the map
once you finally get there
you might never get back
and if you can't find me
baby I'll find you
standing in the shadows
of Lost Avenue
Lost Avenue, Lost Avenue
Lost Avenue
Lost Avenue, Lost Avenue
Lost Avenue

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