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"Forever Yours, Forever Mine", track 6 on Grayson Hugh's "Road To Freedom", was a favorite of college radio, featuring Hugh's Hammond B3 organ and romantic voice singing about a love that didn't know how to end. The story was set in northern California and Hugh's poetic lyrics painted the scenes like a filmmaker: "In the steep September daylight, when the shadows fall at four,
on the bookstores and the cafes, on the little lighthouse by the shore. Are you really made of iron?
Am I really made of stone? Oh, we were so close together but we were never ever so alone. We never touched the hands of time. We were caught in a web so fine, suspended, never ending,
dangled on a line, forever yours forever mine. Eyes just staring down the college street strewn with the paper of sycamore leaves, both of us afraid to move or breathe, we couldn't stay but we couldn't leave."