From the recording OFF THE ROAD

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words & music by Grayson Hugh

I was livin' for a while in a town without pity
in a crumbled down shack but the trees were sure pretty
well, people out there took 'emselves pretty serious
try to smile at 'em and they'd think you was delirious

I was walkin' down the street one day
when a big limousine came up and blocked my way
just missed my foot, then speedin' off he went
I just kicked his fender, tipped my hat and said

"Don't worry 'bout me, bub -"
"I don't wanna be in yer club"

It was a quaint little village known for charm & glamour
but people walked around like they was livin' in the slammer
I used to take long walks & make up songs
eat potato salad with barbeque tongs

I stumbled onto the golf course one day
when a man in green pants came out to chase me away
he said "You can't come around here, boy, lookin' like that
with that raggedy jacket & funny-lookin' hat"

Don't worry 'bout me, bub -
I don't wanna be in yer club

You can rant & save & throw
yourself down on the pavement screamin'
"You can't live on my street!"
you can stare at me in awe, I ain't breakin' no law
you ain't gonna run over my feet
'cause I live how I live & I do what I do
I thank my lucky stars I ain't nothin' like you
I said I don't wanna be, I don't wanna be
I don't wanna be in yer club

Well you can keep yer town
& yer sophistication
yer over-priced food & yer dumb conversation
yer poetry readings & yer fancy wine
I'm just glad I got outta there in time

You might have more money than me
but I'd rather live in the real country
I won't miss you & you won't miss me
I'd like to run my cows through yer cocktail party

Don't worry 'bout me, bub -
I don't wanna be in yer club
don't worry 'bout me, bub -
I don't wanna be in yer club
oh, no I don't
I don't wanna be in yer club
I don't wanna be in yer club
don't even send me an a-ppa-la-ca-tion

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