GRAYSON HUGH (River Soul Records, 2020)

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It was 1990. My major label debut “Blind To Reason” was released on RCA Records in September 1988. After auditioning and rehearsing a brand new band for two months, my agent Jonny Podell had me opening for Dickey Betts and his band on a U.S. tour that lasted two months. After that tour, my band and I opened for Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson for another tour of the States. After month of that, Ian added Jack Bruce into his band and I toured with them for a tour of mostly western states. Minneapolis in the dead middle of February is colder than Alaska. I had quickly assembled a new band and began touring. the time records and tours, after living in Los Angeles for a while, I moved back east. I rented a little farmhouse in East Hampton, out in the hinterlands of Long Island. I lived there from 1990 to 1993. It was my writing hideaway. I'd go out on tour for a couple months, then come back home to my little cottage in East Hampton. I wrote these songs in that house. For inspiration, I'd take long walks all around that town, past the windmills, past the farms and fields, out to the cliffs and beaches. I'd drive out to Montauk, sometimes take the ferry over to Shelter island or over to Block Island. There were alot of memories of lighthouses and the sea when I think of those years. These songs were all recorded in my home studio out there, with all tracks done by me.

Note: Though these songs were written quite a few years ago, they seem to be even more relevant today. All of us musicians really have been "off the road" during this pandemic. The cover photo was taken by my wife Polly Messer during one of our many walks in the woods, to help keep us sane, during this shutdown of business as usual. Enjoy the music and God bless.

  • Grayson Hugh
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